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Film to DVD Conversion

Some Selected Cuts

Click PLAY > to watch some sample clips

Those old home movies do not last forever in a shoebox!
They will deteriorate over time to a point where the colors fade, the film becomes brittle and the sprocket holes flake.

Let us put the content onto a DVD or a MiniDV digital tape and correct the colors and exposure at the same time!
We can cut out the parts that are not ready for prime time - maybe add some music - put in a menu...

Then you can sit back and enjoy them with your friends and family on your TV or computer.
Maybe even put them on the internet for all to see!

We can create complete DVD shows for you,
adding whatever you like -- such as slides, photos, music and graphics.

Or we can provide just the source files to the Do-It-Yourself video editor.

Basic Price Information

VHS and Hi8
$25 per up to one hour of video on a single DVD
$15 for additional time on that DVD

Up to 1.75 hours can fit on a single DVD

Regular 8 and Super8 Sound
$25 per 50 foot reel for 1-5 reels
$20 per 50 foot reel for 6 or more reels
Discounts for larger reels

Super 8 50 foot reel

16mm Sound or Silent
$35 for up to 100 feet Silent, then use chart
$40 for up to 100 feet Sound, then use chart

Large Reel Prices
Reel Diameter
Length in Feet
Price to DVD
without add-ons
Background Music

Each reel is digitized to MiniDV tape, then color corrected and edited on a powerful video editing system.

We provide you with a digital file in uncompressed .AVI format for computer editing on a data DVD
A DVD Movie playable on TV-based DVD players and most PCs with a DVD drive.
(Add $15 per DVD for both)

Additional DVD copies - $6.99 each

Other Optional Add-Ons

DVD Menus
A DVD Movie including an introduction screen and menu that plays in a
standard DVD player may be created for an additional charge.

One DVD with 5 menu items - $50
$20 per additional menu item

Background Music
Background music can be added as a soundtrack to your video.
You'll need to supply the music on a CD, or we can purchase for you.

Please call for additional options such as still photo or transparency inclusion.