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The "360° Virtual Conversation Piece"

360° Panoramic photos have gained popularity in the past year and are frequently used for real estate web sites, emergency response maps, resort listings and auctions. In the past, creating these images was out of the reach of most budgets because of the equipment costs. Now, TwirlPix can take the photographs and process them into prints or electronic media without requiring the customer to purchase any specialized equipment. We supply everything but the view.

Once the photos are taken and stitched into beautiful, no-seam panoramas, we can either print the photos on high quality photo paper, creating framed photos that can be 4" x 25" or 8" x 50" or larger, or save the photos as QuickTime Interactive Movies or in Java for browser viewing over the web from existing web sites. We can even supply a website and URL if needed.

Scheduling a 360° photo session is easy. Simply call us and we'll arrange a time that meets your schedule for the shoot. It only takes about a half hour per room. See samples at

• TwirlPix 360° Panoramic photos capture every aspect of a scene without the distortion normally associated with wide angle or "fish-eye" lenses.

• Interactive 360° photos can be placed on the Web to show-off real estate, auction items or resort properties.

• Photos may be linked together to create "virtual tours" of an entire building or campus.

• Virtual Tours can include maps or building floor plans with dynamic "You Are Here" indicators.

• We shoot our pictures in high resolution using the best equipment so that photos can be printed on high quality photo paper suitable for framing.

• We also take 360° photos of objects, such as antiques, to allow viewing without the fingerprints.

• We also supply 360° photo equipment


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