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35mm Slides to Digital
We can also scan Microfiche and Microfilm

Did you inherit your family's old 35mm slide collection?
Now what are you going to do?
Slides will deteriorate over time to a point where the colors fade and the film cracks.

Let us scan your slides into a Digital format, correct the colors and exposure and remove the scratches and dust!
Then you can print beautiful hardcopy photos, or make Powerpoint shows, a DVD, or upload and share them on the internet - anything you want!

We use the best equipment to scan hundreds of slides at a time and then individually color correct and clean each image.
We supply them to you on the media of your choice (CD, DVD, Hard Drive, Memory) or we can create full programs with music
and slides for viewing with Powerpoint, DVD players or even streaming media on the web.

Basic Price Information

$2 per slide RAW format
$1.50 per slide other formats (.JPG)
$25 minimum order

Highest resolution scanning at over 4,000 pixels per inch!
We Scan your Original 35mm or 110mm slides into digital RAW or JPG format.
RAW is the format that professional photographers use to capture all color and light information about a particular photo.
We use this file in post-scan production to make color and lighting adjustments for the best possible image.

Other scanning houses scan the original to .JPG formats, which does not capture the information we use in RAW formats.
Furthermore, they scan directly to .JPG files with marginal resolutions and do little post-scan corrections.

Once we perform our post scan edits, we convert to .JPG or .GIF at sizes and resolution meant for your particular purpose.

Dust and Scratch filtering removes most imperfections

Full Spectrum White Balance and Color Correction

Proof Sheets with filenames

.JPG files delivered on DVD or CDs
.GIF or JPG files ready for the Web!

Quantity Discounts Available - Call us for a quote.

Please call for additional options, such as DVD or Powerpoint slide shows with
background music, video, titles, printed or digital photos or other transparency inclusion.

We can also upload your files to various files sharing sites for $10 pr 100 photos.